Garage Floor Epoxy


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Let’s accept it. Seeing the marks of corrosion and decay on your garage floors is frustrating. As your garage gets older, it loses its refinement and no longer sustains heat and heavy pressure. This problem not only affects the overall magnificence of your home but also reduces your property’s curb appeal, taking your comfort away from you.

At Palm Beach Garage Floors, we are bringing our best-in-class, top-trusted garage epoxy floor coating solutions that completely transform the aesthetics of your floors. And it’s not about coating in general –we first grind the floor to remove all kinds of stains, trowel the holes and cracks to create a smooth surface, and then apply the first coating that sets your floor on a path to long-lasting durability.

Our unique strength lies in utilizing dry, moisture-free prep techniques that add extra layers of resistance to your floor. Hire us today and say goodbye to the worn-out floors, once and for all!



The alluring quality of polished concrete is hard to overlook. It gives your floor the desired degree of gloss and doesn’t let the dust, allergens, and stains stick in, making it the most preferred flooring choice for homeowners all across the cities.

At Palm Beach Garage Floors, we pride ourselves, not only on our ability to offer state-of-the-art concrete polishing services but on our commitment to your satisfaction too. Over the years, we’ve installed polished concrete in thousands of homes, and we can proudly say that we’ve seen it all.

We create our concrete by applying a chemical hardener that compresses the porous surface. We then use our cutting-edge tools to grind the surface to an appropriate smoothness, giving it an exposure level that takes its strength to the next level. Our concrete increases slip resistance, reduces tire wear, and protects your health, all while glamorizing your home with a gloss that never fades.

Available in multiple colors, aggregates, and patterns, our polished concrete is the only thing you’ll ever need to give your residential garage a one-of-a-kind look!




Imagine giving your garage floor an exotic appearance that makes everyone instantly fall in love with it. What about enabling your floors to withstand all kinds of wear and tear? Doesn’t it sound amazing?

At Palm Beach Garage Floors, we’re passionate about bringing a unique personality to your floors, and you can feel this passion in every metallic flooring system we offer. But what’s so special about metallic epoxy flooring our services?

Well, our metallic epoxy is coated with high-quality polyurethane that resists all kinds of chemical wear. Similarly, it also contains ornamental pigments that give your floor a charming, heavenly appearance. In addition to that, the coating forms a protective barrier against cracks, moisture, and grease, enabling you to hurt the dirt before it even appears. And since the metallic coatings are available in various styles colors, you can give your floor a look you’ve always wanted to give! 

Choose us and make your garage a symbol of creativity and strength!





Noticing cracks and chips on your epoxy floors isn’t unusual. Sometimes a heavy object falls on the floor, developing a reasonable split on the epoxy, and on the other, the epoxy coating starts fading away due to excessive water and moisture.

No matter the case, we at Palm Beach Garage Floors can target all of your problems at their roots. Dominating the epoxy flooring industry for over 10 years, we know a thing or two about fixing the cracks and splits with cutting-edge techniques.

We’ve cultivated highly-experienced professionals whose passion for satisfying you knows no bounds. We take a birds-eye-view of your unique repairing requirements, remove the dirt from the foundation of cracks, place the injection ports at appropriate points, and finally inject the epoxy to completely overhaul the condition of your floor.

We also follow all the safety and environmental guidelines to give you a neat, hassle-free repairing experience. With us, rest assured that you’re in safe hands!