Concrete Polishing

Concrete Polishing

The #1 choice for all your concrete polishing needs. Our team of experts provide service in Palm Beach.

Garage Floor Epoxy

Garage Floor Epoxy

Garage Floor Epoxy is becoming the floor of choice for many types of  Residential & industrial applications. Click below to see some of the many benefits in choosing Garage Floor Epoxy in your Residential & industrial setting!

Retail Polished Concrete

Retail Polishing

Our many polished concrete systems/solutions are made to make it easy to design your retail space so that it will be inviting for customers and encourage repeat visitation. And withstand high foot traffic for years to come!

Commercial Polished Concrete

Commercial  Floors

Maintain durability with the constant traffic commercial flooring endures. Our polished concrete process is cost-effective and results in an easy to maintain flooring solution that is suitable for many environments

Residential Polished Concrete

Residential Polishing

When it comes to choosing flooring in your home, many options are available. Our polished concrete systems can create a seamless, low maintenance, and easy to clean floor. Click below to learn about the many other benefits of choosing polished concrete in your home

Your #1 Choice

Give your garage the protection it deserves!

Palm Beach Garage Floors

Epoxy floor coating, redefined!

Transform the appearance of your garage floors and take their durability to the next level with Palm Beach Garage Floors, your trustworthy floor coating partner helping you beautify your residence like never before!

What We Offer?

At Palm Beach Garage Floors, we do more than just a simple epoxy floor coating. We combine our craft, 10 years of experience, and passion in one place, enabling you to add the much-needed sparkle to your floors. 


Give your garage the strength it needs and say goodbye to the corrosion for good. Whether you want to eliminate the defects in your garage, enhance its resistance against stains, or just need a high-gloss surface to improve your home’s curb appeal, our residential FL garage floor epoxy coating services will hit every nail on the head!


Experience the pleasure of exotic effects and turn your floor into a modern work of art with our multi-layered, state-of-the-art epoxy floor coating systems. Our metallic epoxy floors not only give your garage a smooth, sleek finish but also protect it against stains, moisture, and grease, thus giving it a longer lifespan!


Restore the true elegance of your floor and protect it from within the surface with our top-tier, high-quality polished concrete that offers nothing but extraordinary strength. From improving the reflectivity and slip resistance to reducing maintenance cost and dust, our polished concrete will bring a whole new world of benefits to your doorstep.


Get rid of all kinds of defects from your epoxy floors and prevent them from further damage with our affordable yet world-class maintenance services.  Whether it’s fading of color, cracking, chipping, or damage, we can repair everything to give your floors a brand new feel.


Why Choose Us?

Founded in  , Palm Beach Garage Floors is a full-service epoxy flooring company serving the greater Palm Beach and surrounding areas. We specialize in the epoxy flooring needs of residential properties and garages.

As an experienced floor coating services provider who knows the ins and outs of the industry, we believe that craftsmanship is all you need to turn your home into a blooming paradise. Thinking outside the box not only enhances the aesthetics of your space but also gives you pleasant experiences that last a lifetime. By offering highly-professional, reliable floor coating services that increase your property’s value, we’re enabling you to bring a unique style to your home. Our primary aim is to transform the personality of your residential garages, and we can go all out to achieve that! .

Transform your garage today!

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Our commitment to giving your floors an uncompromising gloss, coupled with our unrivaled record of handling all kinds of polishing tasks, has earned us a name as the leading floor coating company in the Palm Beach Area.



We take pride in having an in-depth understanding of the floor coating industry. We’re fully aware of all the cutting-edge tools and techniques that go into renovating your floors.




We laser-target all of your flooring requirements, no matter how small. This unique trait allows us to finish your tasks with unparalleled accuracy you cannot find anywhere.



Adhering to the innovative standards of safety is our hallmark. We keenly follow all the OSHA guidelines regarding dust collection and safety to give you peace of mind.


All of our services are tailored towards the Palm Beach climate. We take into consideration the temperature and moisture to ensure longer life of our concrete.