Frequently Asked Questions


How is concrete polished?

The polishing process begins with the use of coarse diamond segments to remove any imperfections from the floor in preparation for the honing process. The grit of the diamond in the first step is determined based on the condition of the floor, as well as taking existing coatings or glue into consideration. The next steps involve finely honing/polishing the floor up to the desired gloss/sheen. A densifier is applied to chemically harden the concrete from the inside out, making the floor dustproof and extremely durable. Most floors can be finished with a penetrating sealer that in burnished into the floor, having many benefits to fight stains from acids, oils, etc in a restaurant, retail, food shopping space, etc. The polishing process is actually not much different than of how wood is smoothed with different grains of sandpaper until the fine grit desired

What type of grinding/polishing equipment do you use?

At Florida Concrete Polishing we pride ourselves on using top of the line equipment and procedures. Our fleet of the best quality grinding and dust collection equipment paired with our staff who have all been trained and certified through numerous manufacturers, makes us the easy choice when selecting a concrete polishing contractor

How much does polished concrete flooring cost?

Because there are so many options with aggregate exposure, color, and desired gloss levels, each project will need a custom tailored quote. It is almost always cheaper to install than comparable flooring systems, and also offers a maintanence cost that is drastically less, making polished concrete virtually pay for itself

Is maintenance of polished concrete difficult?

Not at all. Polished floors are chemical resistant as well stain resistant. Simply just use a dust mop and or wet mop using a gentle clenaing product to maintain your shine and slip resistance. You may also want recommendations or help from our experts, which we are happy to provide.

What types of styles are available for polished concrete floors?

The options for polished concrete are virtually limitless. Anything from a low gloss, cream polish for the modern look in a residential setting, up to an extremely high gloss to capture the customers eye in a retail space, we can provide a solution to meet any of your needs. Ask us today about a mockup area in your space!

How slippery is polished concrete?

Despite the high gloss and “wet” look that can be achieved with polished concrete, our floors will actually meet or exceed all ADA slip coefficient testing/requirements; making polished concrete a safe and smart solution for any space

Our floor has VCT on it, can you remove that?

Absolutely! We can handle the removal and disposal of most flooring materials in house, allowing complete control of the quality and ensuring that the concrete floor underneath is protected for the polishing that is to take place

My concrete is very rough, can it still be polished?

Almost all concrete floors, no matter how rough of shape they are in can be polished. A lot of factors come into play, and there are certain floors that may not be candidates to be polished. Managing expectations is a huge part of polishing old, damaged concrete. Contact us anytime for a free quote and to discuss options for your concrete floor!


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